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The Campaign

Why such a campaign?

UNPO has long fought for the recognition and rights of several nations and indigenous peoples across the world, tapping into the broad issue of the respect (or lack thereof) of human rights. This campaign is the result of UNPO’s determination to act against slavery, in all its forms and across the world. UNPO’s members, and in particular the Haratin, are witnesses, if not victims, of all forms of contemporary slavery and of the international leaders’ (both political and economic) continued lack of efforts towards its eradication.

What is the aim of the campaign?

This campaign calls for the United Nations General Assembly to take a strong step towards the eradication of slavery by adopting a resolution and ensuring its implementation by each state.

The campaign is designed in such a way that every state, including those where slavery is not yet abolished in practice, can support such a resolution and commit themselves to the UN’s longstanding principles of respect of individuals and their  human rights.

Alongside this, our campaign aims towards increasing awareness about the topic of contemporary slavery: its roots, its causes, its forms, its victims, its consequences, those who fight against it and the way forward to abolish it.

Who is it aimed at?

This campaign is aimed at all citizens of the world, their leaders, their representatives, their human-rights defenders, and the list goes on. We believe wide support from across the globe is the best way to get countries to react to their citizens’ demands.

Who leads this campaign?

UNPO, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, is leading this campaign against slavery, with the support of the Nando Peretti Foundation. We are thankful for the help offered by different partners across the world, whether they be NGOs, human rights defenders on the ground or policy-makers.