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How can I help?

The International Campaign against Slavery aims at eradicating slavery from different parts of the world through, amongst others, a campaign aimed at the United Nations. Our particular link with Mauritania allows us to act there as well, partnering with organizations in the country, which still suffers from slavery's ancestral grips. Projects include grassroots actions, vocational training to ensure a former slaves' independence and livelihood and advocacy at an international level.

Contributions to the campaign are immensely appreciated! The easiest way to contribute is through UNPO's PayPal donations system, where donors can mention "ICAS support" so as to ensure funds are allocated to this campaign.

Where does my money go?

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, UNPO, manages the International Campaign against Slavery and as such uses its donation platform to raise money for it. All donations marked "ICAS support" will go towards our actions fighting slavery.

UNPO is a not-for-profit organization and relies on membership fees, grants and donations, which help the organisation sustain its work and activities. Donations towards the International Campaign against Slavery are more than welcome.